The Case for Dismissing Humphrey

The University of Georgia’s Mens Basketball Team dismissed Billy Humphrey one of the stars of UGA’s cinderella SEC championship this season. Early Tuesday morning Humphrey earned a DUI charge. But this is not Humphrey’s first encounter with law enforcement. This arrest is his third in 18 months. Dennis Felton mastermind of the miraculous cinderella championship announced Humphrey’s dismissal today. 

According the, Humphrey reportedly said “Please. Please. Please. I am begging you not do this. You’ll ruin my career.” Funny, Mr. Humphrey is the one who is under 21, drinking alcohol, driving and carrying an open container alcohol in his backpack. The POLICE did nothing wrong. The Police didn’t do this to Humphrey.

Humphrey did this to himself. Unfortunately Humphrey is a classic example of the problem with some athletes today. He takes no personal responsibility for his acts. Given criminal probation (according to by the courts in November, 2007, Humphrey was again arrested February on alcohol related charges. 

If Humphrey is old enough to plan his career, he’s old enough to take responsibility for his actions. Finally, the NCAA and universities are holding the athletes accountable. Given two second chances and opportunities to change, Humphrey hit his third strike. The problem is Humphrey could already see his name in headlines and lights. He does not understand the responsibility that follows the fame.

Humphrey and his fellow mugshot athletes cast a negative light on the masses of law abiding, excellent college athletes who becomes successful and never have their name listed as “suspect” in a police report.

Thank you, Coach Felton.



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3 responses to “The Case for Dismissing Humphrey

  1. I had not read this nor heard about it. That IS fabulous!! I hope all coaches, in all sports, at all colleges and universities do the same. I really appreciate the STUDENT-athlete. Many of us know intelligent, deserving students who want an education who are too quickly over-looked by those who offer more for the college or university in the way of athletics. hmmmm. . . . I’d best not get started. If I want to rant, I’ll do it on my own blog. THANKS for this one!!

  2. salmonandgrits

    The following comment was posted by “AG” on 9/5/08; expletives have been modified.

    “to the a>*hole above: just cause you were unfortunate and had to work and get student loans for college don’t get upset with those of us whom were a little more fortunate to be blessed with more than a cheatsheet in high school!! F&%KIN LOSER!!!”

  3. salmonandgrits

    The owner of this blog is happy to publish all comments. However, those who express themselves with expletives will be censored and should learn to articulate their points without using a cuss word as a cop-out for speaking their mind.

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