Take Action! (if you mean it)

Both Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama criticized the U.S. Supreme Court decision this week which overturned Lousiana’s statute permitting the imposition of the death penalty in cases of child rape. Each man right now has the status and capacity to take action and change the Supreme Court’s ruling. How? you may ask: Constitutional Amendment. As Senators each candidate enjoys the privilege of presenting legislation which would start the process to modify the U.S. Constitution.

Quite frankly, each man is running for office. Regardless of the decision, each man would have disagreed with the ruling, if only to get face time on t.v. The only way to know for certain whether either candidate is serious about his objection is to evaluate the actions he takes consistent with his formal statements. Neither man has shown his face, of late in the Senate. But, if either is to be taken seriously, he should put his campaign where his mouth is, gather supporters and present a bill to permit the several States to legislate what criminals will be subject to the death penalty-not the federal government OR whatever other creation with which they might be comfortable.

As President neither man would be in a position to effect this degree of change. President, the executive, must rely on his minions in the Legislative body to present legislation to make changes. The Supreme Court is currently fully stocked and no one seems to be leaving anytime soon. The new president would need to wait years to effect change through those robed souls of the judiciary.

No, NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT for these men. Stop pandering to voters and act on your “purported” convictions. Prove once and for all that you, either of you, is a man of your stated convictions. Call the office get ’em drafting, they’re not busy with you gone…


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