Who owns Christianity?

Headlines today attack Senator Barack Obama’s interpretation of the Christian Bible. Really? Seriously? Is this an issue?

Apparently, James Dobson, a conservative Christian with millions of books published, challenged Obama’s interpretation as “dragging Biblical understanding through the gutter.” Mr. Dobson fails to appreciate the differences among the differing versions of Christianity. Honestly, has Dobson challenged the Catholic church and its designation of the Pope being second only to God, the prayers to Mary?

WHY take on Senator Obama’s religion? No one person or entity owns or possesses the ultimate understanding and control of christianity. People choose to believe what they believe; Dobson and the Christian Right cannot control this. But the Christian right continues to strive to foist its own interpretation of Christianity on society: prime example-the abortion issue.

The actual reason to challenge Obama’s Christianity, to create animosity over a wedge issue instead of dealing with real issues. The Christian right is NOT unanimous in opposition to abortion. The Right hopes to separate Obama from those Reagan Democrats through religion and interpretation of the Bible.

Please find real political issues to create drama. Religion and esoteric religious interpretations are better left for pulpits and dinner tables. If individuals follow the religious beliefs that Obama espouses then they will follow Obama. Beating Obama over the head with a Bible and disparaging his beliefs will only serve to alienate those who follow him. To convert the “mislead” the Right should make a better, more persuasive argument. Ad hominem attacks will only turn people away.



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6 responses to “Who owns Christianity?

  1. It was Senator Obama who brought up the “esoteric religous interpretations” – Dobson simply responded to the VERY POOR job he did at making those interpretations! It was a typical political tool, often used by both sides of the political spectrum – quote or discuss Biblical themes in your speeches in order to curry favor with those who like that sort of thing. All Obama did was reveal his own ignorance of orthodox Christian faith and thereby alienate those who DO read the Bible and practice a true Christian faith.

  2. humanity

    Human faith religion starts from the premise of humanity which is more than a physical face and biological organism. It is a wisdom that can only be obtained from the nature of God. It is a stage of awareness where purity of living in the physical senses without bias. Today the global women health and education crisis is result of Christian ethics of distributing education unequally. Education for the women’s of the world. We know that the “God Save the Queen and Queen Save the World “ The only way we can treat the world phenomena of poverty, population, Health, war, global warming, earth, children and racial issues and many more by educating the Queen. It is time to break the prison camp of Christianity in order to change system of the world leadership and to stop educational discrimination from developed nations. The problem is when someone uneducated and dust colored like me tries to prove something it is called delusion and the same product gets new name and introduced by some privileged member of Christianity called illusion. The issue we see in many undeveloped nations is that the majority of there best minds and educated people go to the America and European countries for batter life. The undeveloped country gets by one way or other because it must while they live good life comfortably as a modern slave of Christianity. As soon as their successors grow up they will follow them to find best education and work in United State and The United Kingdom. The result of this is that after every twenty or twenty five years undeveloped country goes back to the starting point again this whitish circle of helplessness continues because of Christian ethics of distributing education and keeping educated worker for them self. The easy way to stop vicious circle developed nations must educate citizen of poor and undeveloped countries in order to advance life. It is time to stop educational discrimination for humanity. Thus a free beggar is better then the President of country who is in the prison camp of Christianity. The human faith message of life and spreading the understanding of true human nature can bring peace and goodness in our life and in the life of those who are seeking truth. It is time to introduce human faith religious based on new life shining with light and full of happiness. Human faith is the real message of love and peace in the world. The goal that we set up for human being in their lives is the satisfaction and the moral value by means of which all actions must be measures to save human life. Our vision is to introduce true human nature by mobilizing communities and faiths around the world to improve people’s lives .Our mission is to strength the bond of humanity by introducing human faith religion. The “martial law” such as those operating in dictatorships and monarchies should change their unjust way of monopolizing humanity. It is scares to think that the relationships among people and organizations based on Christian ideology .I would like to request from all these Dictators, Kings, Monarchies, Army Chiefs, Organizations, Government officials, Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Religious leaders to adopt new philosophy of humanity and come out from the prison camp of Christianity .
    Human faith method of teaching moral values and humanity can give realistic purpose of achieving complete fulfillment of internal life. The spiritual change from loneness to loveliness is based on love by giving unlimited trust in God (Rab). Human mind is miracle of Supreme Being when we struggle to boil it at luck warm temperature of wisdom to understand fundamental of life by reading (Rabi). The ever lasting stage of satisfaction for mind is to reach Supreme Being before death. The journey of memories can be pleasant with nine affirmations of human faith. We believe that it is time to joggle every conscious to show them that human mind is superior matter not material. The festival of life can be celebrated with wisdom of human faith knowledge once we realize that we all are part of the superior race. It advocates spiritual and moral principles on very high scales for the longest term in human history. Human faith is Adam’s monotheistic faith and knows that God is the creator and overseer of the universe at all the time and all matters. It is time to modernize our faith by adopting true faith and educate mankind in accordance with basic principle of life. Our vision is to introduce true human religion by mobilizing communities and faiths around the world to improve people’s lives .Our mission is to strength the bond of humanity (Rabi) by introducing human faith religion.


  3. I have to give it to Dobson here. There are far too many that seek to use the bible to lend credence to their inane policy wishes. Obama is a fraud on so many issues, I just believe this is another. It seems that NO ONE running for office can truly claim to be a secular person. Americans like religion and will support a religious person (except maybe Islam) over a secular person. Leiberman got called out on where he differed from Judaism, Kerry from where he was not a good Catholic…We want a person of the book, or so it seems.

    Personally, I want a believer that keeps it to themselves and does not see the need to quote scripture.

  4. salmonandgrits

    Honestly, religion is not the best means to attack. How many years have faithful Muslims tried to distance themselves from the extremists? Here, Obama and Dodson read the same book (maybe not the same translation). The Baptists and the Episcopals read the same book but you don’t see folks verbally flogging each (in this century) over the differences for being saved: dunked vs. sprinkled. It’s just silly to me that Dodson would pick this issue to attack.

  5. “How many years have faithful Muslims tried to distance themselves from the extremists?” None that I have noticed…
    It makes since for Dobson because the Religious Left make claims all the time about faith that is neither supported by tradition nor text, they try to change the meaning (much like leftist lawyers and the Constitution…).

  6. aiken

    “All Obama did was reveal his own ignorance of orthodox Christian faith and thereby alienate those who DO read the Bible and practice a true Christian faith,” says one respondent.

    I’m sorry. ” . . . TRUE Christian faith?” Which one would that be?

    Is THAT the one that assures us “God is on our side?”

    Religious appeals are, sadly, unavoidable; as noted, the majority of Americans seem to feel comfort knowing someone is a believer–preferably one in the listener’s chosen faith. It’s reassuring, self-affirming; the listener feels better & that translates into votes. It’s a gimmick; a commerical; another means of persuasion, based largely on social psychology.

    I know that I am not “up” on politics, as the blog’s author is nor as many respondents. I don’t care what the religious preference of officials are as long as they don’t bring them into policies. What I want to know is the stance on domestic and foreign issues, specifically “No Child Left Behind” and the prices at the pumps. The ENTIRE country is hurting from oil companies like EXXON, who made $40 billion plus last year. People want representatives who have genuine solutions, NOT rhetoric. Their emotions may be stirred by the invocation of Jehovah but once those die down, they have to put gas in their car. After all, they do have to get to church; you know, the one that practices the “true Christian faith.”

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