Security System Search: Day 3

Yesterday, one company returned my phone call. He gave me an estimate over the phone without seeing my home and assessing it for vulnerabilities. Not inspiring. While on the phone with him, I was placed on hold or held on while he spoke on another phone at least two times. I can’t help wondering is that how their monitoring works?

Today, a third company was scheduled to meet me in my home at 2:00 p.m. It’s now 2:25 p.m. I’ve not seen or heard from them. Reliability is important in a security company isn’t it? 

Now, I’m beginning realize why I’ve not done this before now. The entire process is intolerable.


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One response to “Security System Search: Day 3

  1. aiken

    it is frustrating, but . . .

    I can actually vouch for our security system; it worked at least twice that we know of . . . and the day of the fire, it called 911 before Robby did, so . . . there are worse things. I agree that finding a good one is a nightmare, but that’s true of most things, it seems. Have you asked friends or people you know who have a reliable system? I’m afraid I’m “one of those” who feel safer with a security system and like driving better KNOWING I have a cell phone. I don’t know why . . . I’m not scared . . . I taught high school for 31 years; what’s there to be scared of? Oh,yeah! Old age — can’t change a tire the way I useta could. lol Hang in there, Sweetie. Patience . . . meditation . . . and a .357.

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