Valuable Resource: Consumer Reports

Following my burglary and a home invasion a few blocks down the street, I’ve decided to purchase a home security system. My first and thank God for them. The advice of consumer reports was beware of “van ready to install your system today” and “be wary if the rep does not take time to assess your home’s vulnerabilities or does not discuss alarm system details, alarm notification procedures or the company’s call center.”

Boy, my first experience did not inspire faith. The very nice man got out of his van and removed two boxes. As it turns out the boxes are self-contained “security systems.” You don’t really need all that wiring this has two motion sensors and key fobs…and two door sensors…Yep. Although he was nice, he fit the cliche. I may be in vulnerable position, I’m not stupid. He didn’t even make a cursory look outside or inside the house. I watched as he missed my driveway and had to come back. It’s not as though he examined the house before coming to the door.

The price was right but was the security monitoring company. I don’t know. Probably won’t find out.

In an age where were need security systems to protect ourselves and our stuff, these companies can exploit the unprepared, uneducated and desperate. Consumer reports provided valuable information that I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

I’ll be updating this search under security system search: by day number.


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  1. It was a very wise move on your part to do some research on your own and, obviously, that extra effort paid off. It is important to take the time to look for a quality home security system and find something that is a good fit for your own home. I feel that it’s very important to find a company that backs up their talk and will support their system with guarantees. A quality home security system should offer a performance warranty, an equipment warranty, an emergency service guarantee, a satisfaction guarantee and a false alarm fine guarantee.

    The last guarantee is especially important because of the high percentage of burglar alarms that turn out to be false. Police are getting tired of wasting man hours on false alarms and most police stations have implemented some sort of fine system to penalize people for multiple false alarms. Home owners should think about looking into a system that provides verification of a break in. Many police stations aren’t responding to burglar alarms unless they get some sort of verification, whether it be electronic or in person. Once again, it is crucial to do your homework and find a home security system that fits your needs.

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