Sex and the City: The Movie

A visit with long lost friends: as the movie opened that old feeling of happiness warmed my soul. I had not realized how much I missed these ladies. This visit to New York covered what must have been a year in the lives. Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte dressed to the nines strutted their separate ways through life crossing paths for major events and brunch.

Behind all the clothing and all the glamour, these women still have the same problems and crises that all women have. That fact is the beauty of and explains that continuous draw of Sex and the City. Just when matters become incredibly stressful: Charlotte makes a statement by stomping off in high heels and a long, very tight dress-she looks like a mermaid trying to run. The tension breaks, situation remains serious, but with every stressor in life, the other side of the coin offers a tension breaker.

All in all, I must recommend Sex and the City for devoted fans and those new to the experience. The movie begins with a montage refreshing recollections or establishing a legend for each character. Memories of old loves lost and people the characters once were. Also, a reminder of the reinvention of NYC with each generation of transplants. Girls looking for love evolve into women living adult lives.

The story remains true to the original series. In spite of criticism written bemoaning the limited roles of the men, the movie is a season of the show rolled in two plus hours. If the men’s “feelings” had been explored, it would have been a three hour movie.

Through out the movie, our old friends grow as people by facing their fears and foibles. There’s a moral to each woman’s story foisted gently upon each as the movie ends. Miranda must feel rather than logically arrive at a decision. Carrie must analyze her actions. Charlotte finds energy to over come her fears. Samantha, well, I just can’t give that one away.

Everyone order a cosmo, raise your glass, and toast the success of this fabulous movie.



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2 responses to “Sex and the City: The Movie

  1. i noticed that Sex and the City has a polarizing effect on both men and women… people either love the movie or they hate it

  2. salmonandgrits

    Sex and the City presented an interesting topic among friends the other night. Someone pointed out those devotees who watched weekly had differing reactions from those who watched on DVD. The DVD watchers never had the anticipation and anxiety of wondering what will happen with Carrie, et al, from week to week.
    The devotees understood that anxiety during the movie and did not believe happily ever after would truly happen.

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