Beware the Media Tags

Contrary to the assertions of the media, the presidential race is not “down to two.” Bob Barr, Libertarian candidate for president, should not be ignored. Barr has name recognition from ten years back, leading the charge against President Clinton. 

More important than Barr himself is the existence of a libertarian party which offers a true alternative to the homogenous democrat and republican party. The actual differences between the two parties are miniscule. Find a party that reflects YOUR views not the views and opinions offered by media or the bland, benign big two parties.

Think for yourselves. Don’t be lead by the media, whatever their leanings. Research…question….choose for yourself.



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8 responses to “Beware the Media Tags

  1. You’re not really naive enough to believe a liberterian could win, are you?

  2. salmonandgrits

    Alas, I am not that naive.

    Unfortunately, the leading parties lack distinction from one another. We live in a society in which people have become so acclimated to being told what options are available that no one asks questions or does research or even gives a damn about alternatives.
    My only goal is to encourage people to consider other options. I can’t say that I agree with Barr on much but his candidacy maybe more symbolic for me.

  3. Are you naive enough to believe this incarnation of Bob Barr? He has gone from Democrat – Republican-Libertarian, what is next – the Green party? Barr is a self-promoter and a hypocrite. He has a long career of being a statist – from his War on Drugs, Defense of Marriage Act, He does not support free exercise of religion, He supported the War on Terror, Patriot act and everything else he now deems evil about the government. Barr and Ron Paul should team together for a United Hypocritical Loser ticket.

  4. salmonandgrits

    Bob Barr is a chameleon NO DOUBT. The point is that voters should explore their options. McCain and Obama do not represent the two exclusive ideologies in this country. In fact, each candidate is (still) attempting to define an ideology to please all of the people all of the time.
    Barr will not be elected BUT his candidacy is a higher profile example of OPTIONS available to the uninformed electorate.

  5. There is only one option – we dig up Mr. Reagan and run him again. Dream team 08!

  6. salmonandgrits

    Why didn’t you say so? Fire up the cryogenic defroster and we’ll be in business in no time. Unfortunately, that’s not an option. Perhaps one should explore realistic options… like cloning…or time travel

  7. It is only impossible because we have a failure of imagination. If we all believe…

  8. salmonandgrits

    Ok, I’ll click my ruby slippers together and say “there’s no president like Reagan, there’s no president like Reagan”…

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