Obama Resigned-Leave Membership Alone

This morning I observed a gross invasion of privacy on t.v. In the wake of the Obamas’ resignation from their controversial church, news media with cameras and microphones accosted members of this church on their way to service for comment. While I understand and agree that Senator Obama’s membership and at least tacit endorsement of the vitriol spewed from the pulpit make the spewing ministers or priests subject to scrutiny, the membership has not placed themselves in the public view.

The media have lost any sense of decorum. The sentiments of those who attend this church could be gleaned in any other way, but accosting private folks on their way to church is unseemly. According to reports, media bothered shut-ins-folks who didn’t even attend the church because they can’t leave their homes. Investigation is an important aspect of the media BUT leave the private citizens alone, please. 

Who creates ethics for these people? To be a news reporter, you don’t have to pass an exam testing ability to recognize ethical limitations. To be a news reporter, you don’t have to study anything in particular or have a college degree. To be a news reporter, you need only lack a conscience and appropriate boundaries. No wonder regular people dislike news reporters.


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