Again, Clayton County School Board Doesn’t Need Help

The New Mr-Fix-it Superintendent barred a group of volunteers from clayton county public schools for either (1) their agreement to provide service expiring (2) their need of background checks (which the school system provides free for volunteers or (3) according to some members of the group-the membership of some volunteers in a recall effort to boot board members (who hired the superintendent).

These volunteers are men who provide an example, a father figure and, for lack of a better phrase, life coaching for kids who grow up in less than encouraging homes. These men take time out of their schedules to help children in need-for FREE. The program began initially in one middle school and grew to include nine other schools. Superintendent Thompson needs figure out his priorities. The volunteer program IS NOT on your agenda. Have the background checks run, as you do on all volunteers, but SACS did not list the volunteers as an issue. Get to work on your checklist. Time’s ticking away… 



Why did Superintendent Thompson SHRED all the diplomas in advance of distribution to graduates of Clayton Co Schools? Because the name of his predecessor appeared on the diplomas. How much to replace these coveted items? $25,000-$50,000. Seriously, these students do not know him. They’re just really happy that their diploma is worth the paper it’s written on. Hopefully, the new diplomas will be issue before the school is no longer accredited. Mr. Thompson’s priorities appear to be out of order. Fix the school system, don’t worry with the small stuff. But, hey, the Clayton Co School Board made its bed hope they enjoy lying in it. 



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2 responses to “Again, Clayton County School Board Doesn’t Need Help

  1. Clayton County schools are simply a micro view of a macro problem, our government schools are seriously damaged. 40% of 8th graders will repeat because they cannot pass a exam. With the teachers complaining that they have to teach to the test, does this not further show that too many teachers should be barred from classrooms?

  2. salmonandgrits

    Macro problem to which you refer is a shift in how education delivery systems. Gone are the days of teachers teaching and children learning. Rote memorization of information sure to be on a test is the process now. No wonder students are dumber.
    My concern is that Clayton Co is focusing on the wrong changes. Volunteers providing a role modeling and encouragement for at-risk students is GREAT and can only help. Clayton Co just doesn’t want help-they will sink on their own.

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