Media Always at Fault in Clinton Eyes

Just read on that Senator and former President Clinton are now blaming the media for Hillary’s demise. This refrain sounds familiar. This weekend I dusted off “Blood Sport” by James Stewart, a book I’ve owned for 12 years but never actually read. Throughout former President Clinton’s political life, now Senator Clinton has continually blamed the media for everything: Gennifer Flowers, Whitewater, draft dodging allegations.

While I’ve got about 150 pages left, the book is intriguing if only for the parallels to Senator Clinton’s campaign. The media misconstrued her statements about Bosnia, the media has chosen Obama. Senator Clinton continues to avoid ownership of her faults and her flaws, and those of her husband. A frequent aside from now Senator Clinton during the 1992 Presidential campaign lamented the fact the FDR was in a wheelchair and no one knew but the media now reported on all of Bill Clinton’s peccadilloes. Every misstep by every candidate, not just Senator and former President Clinton, is being shown under a bright spotlight.

The Clintons, however, never own their losses or faults. The media is to blame for focusing on Senator Clinton’s imperfections. But, in the Clinton’s eyes, Senator Clinton is beyond human, she is perfect. Criminy! Grow up.



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3 responses to “Media Always at Fault in Clinton Eyes

  1. Hillary may have a point this time. the bias for Obama was evident and McCain will now suffer at their hands. If it were not for the internet we would know nothing of Obama’s Rev. Wright, we would not know that Obama is a smoker, we would not know that Obama has had shady dealings with crooks in Chi-town. The media have ignored all of these stories while picking apart Clinton. Obama has had as many gaffes, and outright lies as Clinton, but with no pressure from the media he gets a smooth run to the election.

  2. salmonandgrits

    Unfortunately for Senator Clinton, she lacks the appeal and charisma of both former President Clinton and Senator Obama. The media, like everyone else, can get swept away by the candidate. The cynics among us must hunt down the truth. Where Obama’s Jim McDougal?

  3. His name is Tony Rezko and if the media did its job, we would all be aware of the filth that truly surrounds Obama.

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