Ending an Era

Barnett\'s News Stand

Today, Barnett’s News Stand in downtown Athens, Georgia, closes for the last time. Barnett’s falls victim to the internet age and healthy living movement. Serving a predominantly college clientele, Barnett’s stock mostly tobacco and print media are no longer in vogue. I can read the news on my crackberry. No one smokes anymore. One exception, an attorney who only buys his smokes at Barnett’s, bought he claims his last pack. He vows to quit smoking since the store is closing. (Did I mention, he was on his way to run several miles in the Georgia heat as he made the purchase?)

Nevertheless, an institution closes its doors having served many of us valiantly through our college years. Barnett’s will be replaced by another high-end dress shop. GREAT! (not). Guess I’ll have to find some place else to buy mega-millions tickets and Diet Dr. Pepper when downtown.



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2 responses to “Ending an Era

  1. This is indeed sad. I spent so much time at the Newstand. I went everyday I was in class at UGA. This is a sad as China Express going. I never liked C.E., but was one of many that got food poisoning from them. It was another shared college experience that I look back on with a grin, much like pre-computer registration…

  2. lanerlawyar

    But your town will be more trendyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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