Progress in Clayton County?

Clayton County, Georgia (Again)

Apparently, the new chair of the school board believes that the Board must follow the mandates of the SACS (Accreditation Agency). Her first step on that agenda, NO not resignation, the deal with ethics complaints. Although one board member believes that the ethics rules should be suspended in this time of crisis. According to the, Lois Baines-Hunter, indicated that the ethic policy should not enforced because of the crisis.

Violations of ethics policy and state regulations are the reason for the crisis. The ethics policy along with the oath taken by each board member and the logic carried by each person walking this earth are in place to insure that the rules and regulations of our civil society are acknowledged and followed. This school board has shown itself to be unable to comply with the rules of civil society. The Board members care more for the “status” as an embattled board member than for the children whom they were elected to serve.

Again, I pray: Give up. Step down. Let people who care take over the crisis.


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