Hillarious Hillarian Tabulation

If you dislike the answer, then ask a different question. Senator Hillary Clinton launched her most recent new math campaign last week. This campaign asks a number of questions to repair the answer, not just one.

The DNC acknowledges only 2025 pledged delegates as the essential number to clinch the nomination as Democrat Presidential Candidate. That number excludes both Michigan and Florida, which State moved their respective primaries without authorization from the party.

As 2025 inches closer for Senator Barack Obama, Senator Clinton changed the question as Senator Obama is not her answer. Clinton is now claiming an increased number of delegates to clinch the title: the new number includes Michigan and Florida.

Senator Clinton, it is rumored, is also lobbying superdelegates by claiming more of the popular vote and an increased ability to win within certain populations inside states, places critical to the Democrats in November. And lest we not forget, white people vote for her.

The Clintons are at it again. Reframing the issue to get their way. Although, no one, except devout Clintonites, are buying the rhetoric.

I do so enjoy learning from the mistakes of others. If she really wanted Florida and Michigan to count, Senator Clinton should have challenged the decision to exclude those delegates BEFORE the primary not at the eleventh hour when in a desperate hour when her campaign is on life support. The voters of West Virginia hardly represent an accurate sampling of this country’s population.

Senator Clinton: please pick on way to lobby (read: beg) for superdelegates. Your vacillation has become tiresome. Your desperation is obvious to even the babies that you’re still kissing. Pick a line and stick with it OR just go run for the Senate in New York.


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One response to “Hillarious Hillarian Tabulation

  1. claudia

    the only reason hillary is changing the rules is because she thinks the numbers will work in her favour.i think she really think the wwite house will not survive with any other democrat but her.she say she has faith wellshe also needs to know that if god wants her in the white house nothing or no body can stop it,because its her destiny to be president.

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