Actual Work to Do?

Does Congress have any real work to do? Apparently, Senator Arlen Specter thinks there should be more work. Despite the mandates of Article 2, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution which clearly define the tasks to which Congress should address itself, Senator Specter threatened the NFL with a Congressional Investigation if NFL Commission Roger Goodell fails to launch a George Mitchell-esque investigation into the Sign Stealing New England Patriots.

In the age of cameras smaller than a credit card and the information superhighway, Senator Specter wishes to waste taxpayer money investigating a private for profit business. Next, some one will suggest that Pony League Baseball be investigated for runners on second stealing signs from the catcher.

Is he serious? The NFL is a cut throat profit hungry beast. If you do not believe that, then ask yourself why the price of a 30 second Super Bowl ad just increased to $3 million? The Patriots did what any struggling team would do-pushed their luck to get ahead. Fortunately, the NY Giants won the Super Bowl.

Why don’t we just ban video recording equipment from football all together? Wouldn’t that be better-no chance of recording signs or stealing recipes? Criminy!

Senator Specter-solve the problems we already have poverty, over population of undocumented illegal immigrants, launch a Congressional Investigation of what’s causing 1 in 10 Americans to be in prison, gas prices, drilling for oil in Alaska, I could go on. Just do not WASTE my hard earned money investigating a kid’s game where adults steal signs to get ahead in the game. Really.



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3 responses to “Actual Work to Do?

  1. I only wish that Congress would confine its self with Sports investigations.

  2. salmonandgrits

    My only wish is that these chair jockeys would get out and get real jobs. If only for a month or two, no one deferred to their judgment, called them Senator, but simply expected them to accomplish a specific goal in a specific amount of time and their livelihood depended on their ability to WORK, I would be satisfied.

  3. lanerlawyar

    As to last comment, imagine that, a citizen republic…where could that idea have come from…

    I’m for steroids in sports also, the more aggressive the better the games. If the athletes want to do it to themselves what do I care

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