Careful Friend Selection Would Help

Here’s a hard lesson in how to choose friends. Fortunately, the victim did the right thing. As reported at

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 05/12/08

Alonzo Jones borrowed some cash and couldn’t pay it back.

So the acquaintance who loaned Jones the money took a different approach to getting his money back, police say: He made Jones rob a bank in southwest Atlanta.

The suspect, Marquis Hodges of Atlanta, didn’t get his cash, but he got a trip to jail on charges including kidnapping and false imprisonment, according to an Atlanta police report.

It happened earlier this month at a Wachovia Bank branch, located at 612 Lee St., the report said.

Jones, 18, had been hanging out with Hodges and borrowed some money, he told police. When he said he couldn’t repay him, Hodges pulled a gun on Jones “and told him that he was going to rob the bank to get his money back,” the report said.

On May 1, Hodges and another man drove Jones to the bank at gunpoint, the victim told police.

The three men went inside, and Jones approached a teller and somehow passed a note explaining his predicament.

“Please call the police,” the note said. “They are trying to make me rob you and they want me to take money from this bank. Please call the police. They are in the bank watching me.”

The bank notified police and an officer arrived and detained Jones. Hodges was caught as he tried to sneak out of the bank. The third unidentified man escaped.

“That is him that you just stopped,” Jones told the officer, according to the report. “I will tell you everything.”

Hodges initially told the officer his name was Mussa Swinger, but eventually gave his real name. He also was charged with giving false information to a law enforcement officer. He was still in jail on Monday.



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2 responses to “Careful Friend Selection Would Help

  1. Nice writing style. I will come back to read more posts from you.

    Susan Kishner

  2. lanerlawyar

    The devil made him do it!

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