An Actual Modern Woman, Lookout

Cindy McCain refuses to release her tax returns for scrutiny. Good for her!

In the entire time she has been Mrs. McCain, Cindy McCain filed her taxes separately from her husband. Her financial status is, shall we say significantly higher than that of her Senator husband. Senator McCain released his own tax returns. But, Mrs. McCain, whose personal assets are not marital property due to a prenuptial agreement, will not and should not release her tax returns. The financial decisions made by Mrs. McCain from the start of their marriage clearly show that her finances are separate and distinct from the Senator’s. Mrs. McCain is not in the eleventh hour saying her money is separate or that she filed a separate 2007 tax return. Cindy McCain has no obligation to divulge her tax returns.

Senators Obama and Clinton filed jointly with their spouses and those returns have been released. Perhaps they should have had more forward thinking financial advisers.


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One response to “An Actual Modern Woman, Lookout

  1. salmonandgrits

    I am sad to report that Mrs. McCain released her tax returns for the last two years.

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