Full Disclosure, Now We See How This Works

Superdelegate Steven Ybarra finally reveals the truth of the superdelegate wooing. Ybarra demands, that’s right DEMANDS, a promise of $20 million for a Mexican-American voter registration program from either Senator Obama or Senator Clinton in exchange for his superdelegate vote.

Really, Mr. McGovern is that how you envisioned this process: the exchange of pork for delegate votes? What other promises have been made? What other pork barrel pet projects have been demanded? The taxpayers should know what it is we are buying and for whom! Our tax money should not BUY the nomination or election for ANY candidate.

Through this example, the Democrat party shows itself as nothing less than the smoky backroom politics of old! You should all be ashamed. In an election where you both promote change, the delegates for which you battle cause a reversion or back-slide to the Politics of old. And YOUR PARTY embraces this behavior.

Senator Clinton? Senator Obama? Do you embrace this behavior? What have you agreed for the public to pay for as a pay off for superdelegates?



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4 responses to “Full Disclosure, Now We See How This Works

  1. He’s a little late to demand $20 million for his vote. His vote is rapidly becoming a worthless commodity as Obama wraps it up.

  2. At least this is in the open, I shudder to think what has quietly been promised by these Marxists…

  3. You ar so funny! Of course we are all Groucho Marxists, what’s wrong with that?

    (shheeesh, the ditoeheads — when will they buy a clue? Or a sense or humor?)

  4. lanerlawyar

    By the time the convention comes he’ll owe so much pork around town there’ll be no time for “change”.

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