Upstart Hawks

Amazing. The Atlanta Hawks, with a season record of 37-45, play game 7 in the first round of NBA playoffs against the Boston Celtics (who had the best basketball record this season).

Was it the tornado that hit Atlanta a month ago? UGA won an improbable SEC championship following back to back wins in one day on the day following the tornado. Has something changed the spirit in the air for basketball in Atlanta?

Who knows? ESPN reported yesterday that the Hawks are the youngest team in the league. Ignorance is bliss-always good, they just don’t know that they should roll over and play dead. Whatever happens tomorrow in Boston (Atlanta hasn’t won in Boston this year) the Hawks are successful this year.

Keep that inspiration going guys and don’t forget: it’s not about the season record, it’s just the 60 minutes in that one game. Like any other game…


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One response to “Upstart Hawks

  1. It’s that time of the year when 16 of the 30 NBA teams are geared up for the postseason. Unfortunately for the teams that didn’t make the playoffs; they will be forced to watch the playoffs from their homes.
    Also, the teams that failed to reach the postseason will most likely make some sort of off-season changes to try and improve their team for next season. It doesn’t matter if the team is doing well in the season but people always are attending their games. For ex, Hawks tickets are always in demand and in 2007 season the
    Atlanta Hawks tickets were sold out so early. This is due to the great number of the team’s fans and this explains that the Atlanta Hawks is one of the major NBA teams.

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