Guam: Today’s Battleground Vote

Today, the people of Guam vote in their Democrat primary. Apparently, Guam has 4 regular delegates and 5 superdelegates. Neither candidate (Clinton or Obama) jetted to Guam for any last minute campaigning, but the pair continue to spar over even these few delegates.

How is it that a State with only 4 regular delegates has MORE super delegates than regular one? That disparity exhibits the inherent oddity of the entire process set up by the Democrat Party. Guam’s super delegates receive a larger say in the outcome of the primaries than the voters of Guam.

Why even have primary anyway? Why not just let the DNC make the decision? That’s what Howard Dean would do if he could. He just doesn’t have the credentials within the party for that kind of call. The Democrat Party needs to find a way to make this primary system of theirs just and fair. Right now, the primaries are a waste of time and money for tax payers when in reality the party big-whigs (yes, that’s how I want it spelled) make the decision just like in the old smoke filled backrooms.


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