Copper Theft 101: Don’t try this at home

Here’s a little just desserts for someone stealing copper for fun and profit…

As reported by the Athens Banner Herald | | Story updated at 11:17 PM on Saturday, May 3, 2008

AUGUSTA – An Augusta copper thief’s caper came to a shocking conclusion this week after he cut into a live power line.

More than 700 volts of electricity traveled through the thief’s hand and out of his feet after he clipped the wire, which was attached to a power box inside the former Ray Anthony International building on Sandbar Ferry Road. The incident happened between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning.

“The guy cut into a live wire, and it knocked his gloves and hat off,” according to Richmond County Investigator Kendall Brown.

The building had been closed for several months but recently was sold to a trucking company, Brown said. When workers arrived, they found a pair of wire cutters still attached to the box and the thief’s charred gloves nearby. Black electrical burns surrounded the area.

Investigators tracked his footsteps and believe he made his way to a wooded area nearby. Brown said they are checking with hospitals to determine whether anyone has been admitted with serious electrical burns.


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One response to “Copper Theft 101: Don’t try this at home

  1. R F

    Damn shame it was only 700 volts. In my opinon the thief got off easy.

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