Federalize It All (not)

Voting rights. Who can vote and where and under what circumstances has been a treacherous path in this county. Finally, by the 70’s everyone understood that EVERYONE can vote. During the last decade, to combat voting FRAUD, States instituted voter identification requirements. This requirement, presumably, prevents the dead from voting and inhibits those living who wish to vote multiple times in the same election. The State of Georgia, although initially requiring payment for these i.d. cards, provides the cards at no charge.

Now, the NYTimes calls this a poll tax. Seriously, no one asks “how many bubbles in a bar of soap?” as a prerequisite to voting, as in the old poll test questions asked of black people who wished to vote and which were impossible to answer. No, a free identification in state with a population the size of Georgia is not TOO much to ask of voters. No longer do we live in small, close knit communities where everyone knows everyone else (and their business). If all people involved with the voting process were perfect (alas, no one is perfect) and every person of every size and shape were honest and forthright (and dead people didn’t vote in Dodge County, Georgia) we would have no need for a voter id.

The NYTImes wants a Federalized system for voting registration. That’s brilliant because the Federal Government does such a good job administering ALL the other programs the Congress and the President have taken responsibility for. No one in this country has ANY complaint about the operation of the Federal Government.

States have responsibilities to it citizens and already monitor voting registration process. The Federal Government originally charged with a specific list of obligations has far exceeded those duties. (See Art. I, Section 8 United State Constitution). Voting is NOT listed in those duties in obligations.

Stop increasing the Federal Government. Carrying a State identification card, while inconvenient to some, is necessary for most who carry driving licenses. The NYTimes should be more concerned about insuring the honesty and fairness in the voting process. Unless you think Jimmy Hoffa should get three votes in the 2008 presidential campaign.


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