Spending Money Like it’s Water

The City of Atlanta “discovered” a budget shortfall of $140 million. Wow! Now, the City will layoff employees and probably have to raise already outrageous taxes. These acts will lead more residents and businesses to leave the City and reduce revenue further. So these acts make no sense.

Have the people who “overlooked” the budget shortfall been fired? No so that anyone has noticed. Is anyone from the Mayor’s office subject to the “layoff”? Who knows, no specifics have been discussed. But layoffs begin today.

Also, cuts to law enforcement including the City Solicitor’s office will mean more misdemeanors unprosecuted, significant delays in prosecution and probably more vacancies in the City Solicitor’s office.

Have no fear, though. The City with $140 million shortfall will provide counseling for the employees. Great! Hope the counselors got paid up front in cash.


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