Boycott TMZ

TMZ reported the name of a male child who was the victim of sexual abuse. Whether you satisfy your prurient interests on or not, this is unacceptable. This boy is NOT a celebrity he is a child. He has a privacy interest like ANY OTHER sexual crime victim. Unfortunately for this boy, his parent is a celebrity and TMZ published not only his name but his photograph as well.




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2 responses to “Boycott TMZ

  1. I highly doubt he feels abused. There is a doubly standard and we should embrace it and make it ours. Oh yeah, let us boycott TMZ and all other celebrity news and blogs. They keep Americans dumb and easily manipulatable.

  2. salmonandgrits

    Granted, for some 14 year old boys this may be a right of passage, but it is also a crime. Protecting sexual crime victims means all of them.

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