Pandering to Voters

Apparently, Senator McCain had to find a new way to pander for votes. Senator Clinton jumped on the summer gas tax holiday bandwagon, so McCain has decided to move closer to socialized health care. McCain’s plan would commit $7 billion (YES, BILLION) in federal funds under what he’s called a Guaranteed Health Access Plan and is currently on a “call to action” health care tour, all according to

When did Republicans FORGET that the party stands for REDUCING taxes and REDUCING federal spending and not in favor of spending my unpaid tax money for the rest of my natural life.

Someone wake McCain up and then put a sock in his mouth. Stop pandering!!!!!!!!!! You are NOT a Democrat. (And if you are, change parties NOW).


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One response to “Pandering to Voters

  1. Lola

    C’mon, Republicans forgot that in the Reagan years when they made the bled the federal gov’t dry and had a trillion dollar deficit. Republicans never reduce taxes really, and they are not fiscally responsible. Bill Clinton was the last president to balance a budget. I would rather pay taxes for healthcare than for Halliburton.

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