What kind of parents…

What kind of parents permit their 15 year-old daughter to pose semi-nude for the cover of an internationally distributed magazine? And why is it that Miley Cyrus, the 15 year-old is the only person in the family saying anything about being embarrassed?

My mother pointed out months ago what she saw as a parental conflict in the Cyrus household. The elder Cyrus appears to be exploiting his daughter’s talents to his own benefit. Reviving his short-lived and then annoying career in the ultimate stage father role-appearing with and performing with his talented daughter.

The more important question is WHY WOULD HE PERMIT THIS? As far as etiquette and child rearing is concerned why let your daughter pose half dressed for ANY one, all respect to Ms. Leibovitz? Even if those concerns don’t matter, is Disney-Miley’s primary source of income-permitting and endorsing this behavior?

These parents need to grow up. Miley is a teenager. Let her be one. Don’t exploit her when she’s not old enough to tell you no. Although she is old enough to say she’s embarrassed. Someone taught her to have shame. That’s a good thing. Maybe that person can shepherd her career because her father obviously has his best interests at heart. Not Miley’s best interest.



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3 responses to “What kind of parents…

  1. aiken

    Miley Cyrus’ bra–of all things to be troublesome–and it is. I have this fear of ten years down the road hearing of her, sans panties, being another photo-op and having a remarkable similarity to another talented, but ill-used celebrity. It’s not just her parents that trouble me, but Disney as well, who criticized Vanity Fair for using Miley to sell its magazine. It troubles me because Disney is worried about maintaining its wholesome, family image, I suspect, in order for Miley to be useful to them. The exploitation of teenagers, whether by parents, Disney, Vanity Fair, or any other employer or entity is vile. The only thing worse is that it makes headlines.

  2. Allison

    It’s important to point out that developmentally Miley is like any other 15 year old girl exploring her sexuality. She has taken a few pictures of herself myspace-style baring her bra and stomach which the internet has published. Her “embarrassment” is likely a reaction to getting in trouble with her many authority figures, all of whom happen to have alterior motives. That little girl has gotten more press in the non-tween market in the last few days than she ever has. She made a nice tidy apology in order to pacify concerned parents of her fans.
    None of us had a clue at 15 and I doubt Miley is an exception. She just happens to have more money and more press than any of us did which is obviously problematic (hello Britney). In the times of myspace, YouTube, and blogs, most body confident 15 year old girls would jump at the chance to have a famed photographer shoot them half naked. They’re already doing it themselves. Of course Vanity Fair used Miley. Disney uses Miley. They’re just upset that Vanity Fair encroached on the image they have been selling.

  3. salmonandgrits

    Can’t disagree Allison, but I am concerned that her parents aren’t parenting. Instead of discouraging the behavior, they are embracing it and encouraging it. Exploring as a normal teenager is normal. But, she is not a normal teenager. Her parents should help her find an appropriate way to explore and discourage these inappropriate ways.

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