Obama and Wright Considered

Reverend Jeremiah Wright launched a personal p.r. campaign Friday with an interview by Bill Moyers. Talking Heads and Common-taters (yes, I meant to spell it that way) continue to pursue a line of inquiry which strenuously and vigorously assails Rev. Wright. At this point, I must agree with Rev. Wright, the issue is not about Rev. Wright. The issue however is not about the Black Church and Black Religious organizations.

The issue relative to Rev. Wright’s sermons/speeches should be focused on whether Senator Obama was present (he claims not to have heard the most incendiary of these sermons), whether Senator Obama ascribes to Rev. Wright’s theology and politics, and when Senator Obama sufficiently distanced himself from the inflammatory statements.

Rev. Wright can SAY anything he wants from that pulpit (with the exception of certain IRS limitations on free speech when 401(c)(3) corps are involved). This uproar SHOULD NOT be about Rev. Wright. The media in search of fresh meat spin the P.R. of Rev. Wright as connected to Senator Obama’s campaign. Since the sermon clips became a headline Obama publicly distanced himself from Wright and continues to do so.

No, the P.R. gambit may be the doing of the Obama campaign, and that might be a headline, if you could prove it. Do some digging. Some real investigative work, not just following candidates around asking the same questions and expecting different answers.

I cannot help but feel that the Rev. Wright April P.R. Tour is a diversion to protect the Obama campaign from something. There is no concrete reasoning for this feeling, other than the sense slight of hand is being conducted and I am just unable to determine where and how. Is this to distract the media from Obama’s association with William Ayers? Distract us from Senator Clinton’s bizarre voter/delegate mathematics? Or something more covert within the Obama campaign? To have us ignore the lack of substance from Senator Obama in the much ballyhooed FOXNEWS interview? I have no clue.

Please, do not be distracted by Rev. Wright. Ask yourself how Obama should have handled being present for such sermons, but please don’t ask Rev. Wright. He is a diversion and he’s doing a fine job.


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  1. lanerlawyar

    $10 says Wright has a book out by Christmas.

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