Burning Question

Reports from South Korean recount that a North Korean refugee poured gasoline on himself and attempted to ignite the gasoline. Police stopped this act. These acts occurred, not in isolation, but as part of the unplanned festivities associated with the Olympic torch tour, sponsored of course by China.

My question: Is self immolation really necessary? Will the Chinese government pay attention one person killing himself in this outlandish and horrible way? Or will the Chinese government blissfully go about their business happy to have one less protester, one less headache?

What will make the Chinese change their ways? That is a question for the ages. The Central Kingdom, although now Communist, still sees the world revolving around China. China, as it were, is the center of the universe NOT revolving around any other country or idea.

How can ideals and protests shift this several thousand year old paradigm? Very slowly. Self immolation only slows the progress though, leaving fewer protesters.


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