Bob Barr for President?

Bob Barr sounds like a man ready to run for President. In numerous quotes, Barr sets the stage to make actual change (not faux change of the leading political parties). If Barr and the Libertarian party find a spot on the general election ballot what while that mean for politics? It will mean choice. It will change the manner in which Americans view their political world. Much like Ross Perot’s campaign, the paradigm will shift from two definitive parties to three potential candidates. Barr’s association with the Libertarian Party will assist his placement on the ballot in some states.

For those who bemoan the possibility of votes being taken from McCain, this change is critical. The candidates are right, this country needs change. But the change the present candidates offer is false and superfluous. Bob Barr or any STRONG Libertarian candidate can offer a choice. An option that goes beyond Republican (no new taxes, but we’ll need them) and Democrat (we’ll raise taxes and spend more than that).

Good Luck, Mr. Barr. You’ll need it.



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3 responses to “Bob Barr for President?

  1. I came across your blog on Technorati. Nice site layout. I will stop by and read more soon.

    Mike Harmon

  2. I would like a strong Libertarian, yet I do not trust Barr. He has kinda changed from the GOPer he was in Congress to the talk radio host he is now, along with his ACLU work.

  3. salmonandgrits

    Change and challenge are good. Perhaps Barr is not the answer, but he may be the highest profile Libertarian/Third Party challenger since Perot. I’m not even sure that the Libertarians are the answer to tailspin in which the country now finds itself. But, I’ll take a little change when no real change is offered anywhere else.

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