Another Try

Minor league baseball is coming to the metro Atlanta area. I recall the Macon Braves and thoroughly enjoyed watching them. When they moved to Rome, the location was too far from anywhere for me.

The Richmond Braves are moving to Gwinnett. Perhaps some work with the name will help, though. Plans for the new stadium unveiled yesterday propose an “open-air entryway and spaces for concessions, a team store, and home and visitors clubhouses. Stadium seating would total 10,099, including general seating, club seats, and outfield berm areas.” See for more.

Minor league baseball is fun and engaging. Fans are a part of the game and sideshow activities. Having been a Braves since in 1982 (when they truly needed a sideshow) I have observed how fans are no longer part of the sideshow: that silly ‘three hat monty’, the race of the tools. It’s all digitized. Why go to the hassle of traffic, parking, vending prices (when you can’t even find popcorn conveniently-my recent experience), when you can sit at home and watch and listen. And these days, I prefer to listen to home games, Skip isn’t on t.v. anymore. But that’s another travesty for another blog.

I digress. Keep watching with excitement and anticipation. Next April, another set of boys of summer will be here and they will more accessible and much more driven.



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2 responses to “Another Try

  1. Monica

    The stadium will be within walking distance of my mom’s house. I’m thinking of charging for parking in her driveway!

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