Right Place, Right Time

Unfortunately for Judge Marvin Arrington, he routinely sits in judgment of young, black men wearing jumpsuits and shackles. One day, all the defendants in his courtroom were black. Right place, right time. He decided to have a tough love speech with the defendants and dismissed all the non-defendants, most particularly the white lawyers. This upset many of the white lawyers and others. So what? Judge Arrington is uniquely positioned to address the issue of street crime. An article on ajc.com quotes a psychiatrist from Harvard, who said what anyone who works in the criminal justice system already knows “it would’ve been easier for blacks in the courtroom to dismiss what he said, to feel that he was only trying to bring them down in front of white people.

“If they felt that way, they would become more defensive and unwilling to change.”

Judge Arrington sees the numbers. News reports of late state that 1 in 10 Americans is in prison. Hello! Get you heads out of the sand. Act! Do something!

Judge Arrington has teamed up with Bill Cosby. Apparently, the pair have given at least one speech together at an Atlanta school. As a country, we need to act more like a community when issues need to be resolved and less like a collection of spoiled children unable to care for our own needs without regard for the needs of others. Unless you want to live in a war zone.


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