McCain’s Medical Records

The custom and practice in the U.S. has been that presidential candidates release their medical records. Senator McCain needs to do this and quickly. If he doesn’t release the records, his medical history will become a bigger issue than his known history already is.



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2 responses to “McCain’s Medical Records

  1. Yes, but Clinton NEVER released his medical records. The media is again showing bias and abject dishonesty on this issue. I fail to see why only the GOP must release papers, taxes and medical records and various Democrats get off the hook. Hillary still refuses to release her papers as First lady and other than a token request, the media never really mentions it.

  2. salmonandgrits

    The distinctions between former President Clinton and Senator McCain are (1) age and (2) documented history of cancer. The very public instances of McCain’s cancer do concern the public and a doctor’s confirmation of his “robust” health would be reassuring to some. McCain’s age, like it or not, is a concern. Clinton, when president, was still young enough to chase interns around a desk.

    The media just treat the Clintons differently. Hillary was never truly vilified for those Rose Law Firm Records that magically appeared…in the White House (not law firm records). Clintons receive a different standard. Apparently it’s one of those unwritten rules at j school.

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