Hypocrisy of the Left

The University of Georgia scheduled Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, native Georgian, to deliver the commencement address this Spring. Some at the University challenge this choice. Why? Because during a Senate confirmation hearing, after which Thomas was confirmed and placed on the bench for life, sexual harassment claims were raised.

The challenge leads me to wonder: what if Bill Clinton were scheduled to speak? Would anyone of these challengers speak up? Would they note that sitting President Bill Clinton lied under oath, lied to the country, engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate while President of the United States, is alleged to have forced women to engage in sex acts with him? Not likely. When the issue of sexual harassment by former President Clinton arises, the left is deaf. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Many on the Left stood by Clinton through all of these allegations. Defended his behavior. The allegation of one incident against Thomas, to the Left, far outweighs the multiple allegations against Clinton.

The Senate investigated Justice Thomas, as only the Senate can, live and in technicolor, for all willing to watch. Thomas’s dirty laundry was dragged out in public for all to see, not hidden behind closed door depositions. Anita Hill was forced through the indignity of live testimony for all the public to see. The Senate made its determination that Thomas was fit to sit as a Justice on the Supreme Court.

Let me clear about a couple of things: I believed Anita Hill, I believed Kathleen Wiley and I believed Paula Jones. But on both issues: Clinton and Thomas-the Senate spoke. Both issues should be settled. But, Justice Thomas can not get away from it. Former President Clinton gives daily speeches and no one seems to recall his problems.

Please ladies and gentlemen of the Left, give it a rest. Your hypocrisy is deafening.


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