Republicans should thank Penn voters

The Pennsylvania primary election with right outcome might have definitively advised for Senator Clinton whether to remain in the race or drop out. The tally left her with enough steam to keep going. Taking the Pennsylvania Democrat Primary by what appears to be almost 10% provided Senator Clinton enough momentum to keep going but not a decisive percentage that would stall the calls for her to withdraw.

The Republicans should throw a party for the people of Pennsylvania. (Senator McCain does not have enough funds, but the party as a whole could handle that bill without a doubt.) Clinton, it appears, will battle on in this race. Although she vowed that her campaign focus on the issues, when push came to shove, Senator Clinton employed negative campaigning instead of issues to distinguish herself from Senator Obama. Senator Obama fought back with his best school yard moves.

Note to Democrat candidates: This Country is facing real issues: immigration, education, oil prices, economy-Could you tell us how you will CHANGE those issues instead of sucker punching each other.

That would be great.


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