Not Fated, but Destined

Dateline: Clayton County, Georgia

In this suburb of Atlanta, an imbroglio continues unresolved that will harm children because the school board members are too proud to own the mistakes and errors in judgment made in recent years. The public school system will lose its accreditation on September 1, 2008 if clear and specific changes are not made before that date. See

The experienced attorney who represents numerous school boards, according to reports on, advised all of the elected board members to resign. A resignation would expedite the reelection process, already set for July election, by possibly forcing a special election earlier. Tonight the Board will consider firing their attorney because of his advice that they resign.

The pride of these board members jeopardizes the education of children. Children. Regardless of any positions held about even the existence of public schools, all can agree that children do not make the choice of where to attend school and what delivery system is used for their education. These board members choose their pride and their “status” as an embattled board member over the education and future of these children. Didn’t they take an oath before becoming board members? Should that oath have included a promise and duty to insure proper education for these children?

The parents and voters of Clayton County are not without some blame here. Mount a recall effort. Make your voices heard for the sake of your children. Unfortunately, the vocal minority, the interested, concerned parents, have yet to determine a means to motivate the already apathetic and unmotivated parents in that community to act. For the majority of parents, public school is just 8 hours of day-care and a potential lawsuit-windfall waiting to happen. These parents care not if their children receive an actual education. Daycare remains their primary concern.

Until Clayton County concerned parents and students find a means to motive the unmotivated parents and the School Board listens to their attorney, this school system is destined to fall apart. The Clayton County Board already failing its students, will fail the whole county if it’s not careful.

This destiny can change if change occurs QUICKLY. If the School Board swallows its collective pride, overcomes what I hope is ignorance, and not stupidity (ignorance can be repaired, stupidity is permanent), these schools and these children will have a chance to improve, not just maintain status quo ante.



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2 responses to “Not Fated, but Destined

  1. As sympathetic as I am, I have no sympathy for the parents or the students in this matter. Clayton County faced this same situation a few years back and re-elected the same horrid board. The voters of this county are getting what they deserve and voter for, the same as when California re-elected Gray Davis knowing he was corrupt and inept. Recall elections are a farce that should be reserved for corruption and death in office, not ineptitude of the idiot voter. As for the students, those that want to learn will learn, the others will continue their present course regardless of the school board. The fact is, it is the parents and their response to education that matter most. The parents only worry now because if the county loses certification, these students will not qualify for more public funds. I say that the board is in fact truly representing those that elected it, we are just too proud to admit that ourselves.

  2. salmonandgrits

    While I agree that students who want to learn will learn,you and I both attended public schools and managed to survive and thrive in spite of it. My concern remains for the students who are too young to know the difference and whose only exposure to education is this pitiful excuse for an education system.
    Parents and voters (or in some cases those absent from the polls) are the problem. Those elected are the problem too.

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