Wasteful Lawsuits: First Installment

See updates below:

Long time radio hosts Steve and Vicki, released from their contracts with Atlanta radio station Star 94 last fall, are being sued by Star 94 for violation of non-compete clause. Steve and Vicki purveyed pop music to the masses in Atl, but with new ownership of the station, it seems, came a new philosophy, younger morning show to attract younger listeners.

Now, Steve and Vicki, middle-aged mature folks that they are (ok, on the radio-not so mature-but funny in a I’ve haven’t had enough coffee kind of way) found a new job, with Atl’s B98.5, which since my teenage years has been easy listening music. B98.5 runs ads for the station with Steve and Vicki.

Legally, the lawsuit may not be completely meretricious (haven’t seen the contract) BUT seriously. Star 94 said Steve and Vicki couldn’t cut it in the Atl market by getting rid of the pair, WHY is it a problem now for them to be in ads for another station and for a different format. Logic (not always a parallel thought process to legal) would dictate that if the pair are washed up they are not a threat. Why sue?

Why sue? Because ratings are down with the radio team and their juvenile pranks? Because listeners voted with their radios when Steve and Vicki left? Because some autocrat at the radio station wants to enforce the contract because the autocrat doesn’t want to disrespected? I don’t know. Quite frankly, I don’t care. I listen to country music.

The problem as I see it is that the entertainment industry (and many other personality driven industries) gets very caught up in the legal aspects of issues without entertaining the thought that listeners might be put off by the fact that the radio station is suing Atl radio institutions and that lawsuit alone might hurt your business. Sell your product don’t sue your competitor. Star 94 wastes time, money and the time of the legal process by going through motions for no real reason other than the fact that it can.

Improve your morning show. If Steve and Vicki were washed up, then what is Star 94 worried about?

Update: 5/16/2008

For anyone interested, this posted is the most visited post on my website. Since posted on April 22, this writing is the most popular. It is located mostly by people searching for Steve or Vicki or why they left.

Update: 6/23/08

200 hits on this post since April 22. In case anyone’s interested.



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4 responses to “Wasteful Lawsuits: First Installment

  1. To be fair, A standard radio contract allows for a six-month NO COMPETE. It is uncommon for stars to be so brazen about flaunting the contract. Steve and Vicki (I do not listen to any morning show outside of NPR) were let go because of a format change on the station, had nothing to do with their individual show. The station is in the right to enforce their contract, but at the same time the station/company is being extremely petty, since it is common to not enforce the no competes when the talent left over a format change/layoff cycle.

  2. Elizabeth

    You know, that’s exactly how I found this, searching for info on the Steve and Vicki lawsuit since I haven’t seen a commercial in a few weeks. I am very much looking forward to being able to listen to them again, and being able to ditch Star 94, which, by the way, needs to get over itself.

  3. salmonandgrits

    seriously. They’re on B98.5. Stop googling them.

  4. salmonandgrits

    seriously. They’re on B98.5. Stop googling them.

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