At long last…

On Tuesday, the voters of Pennsylvania will find relief from the relentless advertising press by the Obama and Clinton campaigns. The rest of the U.S. will see a change of venue for the media coverage, but no reduction in the continuous hammering of the minutiae of the campaigns.

Will Senator Clinton bow out gracefully if she fails to take Pennsylvania handily? Doubtful. Senator Clinton is on mission. This mission seemingly fueled by her husband, the mastermind, it seems.

When will this primary end?



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3 responses to “At long last…

  1. this is turning into painful, drawn out nomination race.

    concede someone!

  2. I hope it goes on to the Convention, Hillary needs to save the party from the Marxist. It is beeter to have a pragmatic opportunist than an actual Marxist ideologue.

  3. salmonandgrits

    As I’ve stated earlier, each candidate must follow his/her personal conscience. No group can force Senator Clinton, or Senator Obama out. It’s nice to see some competition and position taking as time passes. My exhaustion flows from the media’s high intensity pressure for headlines hourly. I would be nice to have a break. Although, I could just turn off the t.v. and not review the media each morning.

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