Bread and Circuses

Congress could waste millions of TAXPAYER dollars investigating a non-governmental entity because people are upset about how their bread and circuses are run.

The Athen Banner-Herald reports today that 3 Congressmen are seeking investigation into the BCS for College Football. See

Come on, I’m as mad as the next UGA fan about the BCS. But Congress and the Federal Government have no business investigating BCS. College Football funds itself. The government doesn’t, as far as I know contribute to the NCAA or BCS. (If Taxpayer money goes to either entity, then that should be addressed too).

While UGA president Michael Adams makes the request that a playoff system be implemented, Congress has no business interfering. In fact, Congress has no right to interfere.

This country is dealing with an overflowing population of illegal immigrants, a failing public education system, an outrageous number its citizens incarcerated for violating laws, and CONGRESS wants to investigate the ruling authority of a private organization that provides mind-numbing entertainment which distracts the masses of voters from the real problems of this country. Seriously, if I didn’t know better, I’d think Caesar was trying to institute Bread and Circuses…


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One response to “Bread and Circuses

  1. You are certainly correct. The BCS does provide entertainment which distracts the masses of voters from the real problems of this country.

    If you did bother to investigate this phenomenon, you could conclude that the BCS monopoly in college football is in fact related to some other well known monopolies, such as war profiteering, central banking and oil.

    If the people could wake up long enough to realize this they would demand that the BCS and its inter-related crooks, who are connected to other monopolies as well, be booted from this country immediately.

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