Circumstances call on law enforcement officers to execute many life changing duties. Informing family members of the untimely death of a loved one is the most dreaded duty. In some cases, these officers are required to withhold information from the public and from family members in order to protect the details of a case. But to withhold, for two years, the death of a child from the parents is cruel.

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New Jersey Detective Waited Two Years to Inform Parents Their Missing Daughter Was Dead

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

TRENTON, N.J. — Authorities are disciplining a Trenton police detective who waited more than two years to tell the family of a missing woman that she was dead.

Detective Edgar Rios is charged with 28 departmental violations and has been removed from the homicide unit.

The city’s Officer of the Year for 2007 has said he waited to disclose Amber Ramsey’s death because he wanted to make sure forensic evidence checked out. But Police Director Joseph Santiago says there’s no evidence that was the case.

Rios’ administrative charges include failure to follow leads and failure to document his work. Two of his supervisors, including his brother, have also been transferred.

Ramsey was reported missing in February 2006 and her body was found, along with a coat that contained ID, seven months later.

Her parents were not notified until last month. She apparently died of a drug overdose.


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