As I read the papers every day, the articles and reports cause me to fume. This blog will be my outlet and invitation to you, the reader to comment.


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  1. aiken

    I’m glad you started a blog. I have/had one, but certainly nothing as sophisticated as this. And I haven’t added anything for a while. Still, if you want to read, let me know–you can see what’s left of it.

    I do like like your title and its appearance. I also like the concept behind it. The news and paper are disconcerting, at the least . . . unless you look for the oddities . . . like the man who became trapped in the “cat door” at his estranged girlfriend’s. I must confess, I do like those stories. More entertaining than obits and not as depressing or infuriating as headlines.

    Hope your blog is a tremendous success. I’ll keep checking back and put it in my “favorite” list.

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